Suzi Scott
Founder of CoreSculptUK & CoreNutritionUK
Senior Instructor


Suzi lives in Lauder in the Scottish Borders with her husband and two daughters. She grew up in Edinburgh and graduated from Napier University with an Honors degree in Social and Management Sciences. She has studied both ballet and highland dancing and has performed in many national shows including The Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

About Callanetics and Barre Concept

Callanetics was devised in the 80's by Callan Pickney and this incredibly popular method is still going strong for one truly works!

Callanetics is a unique form of exercise that focuses on effective deep muscle toning that will see you drop a dress size in 10 classes! These non impact exercise strengthens the core and pelvic floor muscles, leans and defines your body whilst protecting the back and joints and guarantees inch loss. Research proved that 1 Callanetics class is the equivalent of doing 20 of any other cardio fitness class in terms of results!! (as documented in Look Ten Years Younger by Callan Pickney).

Barre Concept workouts are the latest fitness trend spreading the globe with a celebrity following! Barre is a mixture of Pilates, Yoga, Ballet and Sports conditioning. The addictive mix of strength, flexibility, control and stamina combines to redefine and sculpt the entire body giving a lean dancers body without being a dancer!

Results - What you can expect. Callanetics and Barre Concept give amazing results that are quick! In just one class you will feel and notice the difference! There are so many variations and techniques so that the body never gets conditioned to a routine to keep the challenge of the workout and keep the results coming! Tightened waist/defined arms/whittled saddle bags/lean legs/tightened inner thigh/flattened tummy/stronger core/strengthened pelvic floor muscles/ protected and strengthened back and joints/AND DELIVERS INCH LOSS AND TONE!


How Suzi discovered Callanetics

Suzi began Callanetics as a student in 2001 after her boyfriend (now husband!) asked her go on their first holiday abroad. Like most girls, Suzi wanted to look her best on the beach and despite working out at the gym five times a week she still had wobbly bits, lumps and bumps she wasn't happy about. After a recommendation from a very toned friend, she decided to give Callanetics a try and in five weeks she had lost 6 ½ inches from all the hard to reach places and lost a dress size. She was hooked!



I live in the central Borders, and have a life long love of exercise, enjoying the physical and mental benefits that it brings. I currently run Barreconcept classes in Kelso and Jedburgh.

I have known Suzi over 20 years, and after completely wrecking my left knee skiing in 2007, she was my first port of call to avoid a knee operation, and the prolonged recovery that this would entail. Fast forward 12 years and qualified as an instructor,  I am still amazed by the strong and lean muscles Callanetics and Barreconcept deliver. Embrace the shake!!



After piling on weight over 2 pregnancies, I decided that enough was enough, and lost 2.5 stone and 4 dress sizes by eating sensibly and exercising daily. I started running, which then led me to triathlon. I completed my first Ironman long distance triathlon at aged 40.

Having known Suzi since university, she introduced me to Callanetics and Barre Concept to complement my training. I now have less aches and pains and much quicker recovery through the deep muscle toning and improved core strength! These classes are for everyone, and are as challenging as you want them to be. I am a qualified massage therapist and cannot overestimate the importance of keeping active, no matter what your age or level of fitness.



Alice is a Barre Instructor, Yoga Teacher (RYT 500), Massage Therapist (SMA accredited) with 16 years’ experience and lover of plant based nutrition based in Kelso, Scottish Borders. Parallel to clinical practice, Alice is an Associate Lecturer in Human Biology at the University of St Andrews.

Alice shares a lifelong passion for health and fitness through training in R.A.D classical ballet, distance running, triathlon and yoga from 5 years of age to today. Callanetics, Barre and yoga classes throughout her years of studies, career and sport have allowed her to continue distance running without injuries!

She believes in movement, exercise, therapies and nutrition as natural medicine for wellness, to support and heal our physical and mental health and looks forward to sharing classes and treatments with you.


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