Personal tailored plans to support weight loss, health, sport and any other nutritional need.

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Here at CoreNutrition we love food…..good healthy, delicious food! Eating is not something to fear or feel guilty about but truly enjoy. Your body is a remarkable machine that with the proper fuel and care will run efficiently and look how you want it to look.

You are unique. From your body type and genetics to your job, routine, habits and hobbies. This is why an eating plan that gives a friend great results most likely won’t work for you.

Here at CoreNutrition we analyse your lifestyle taking into account your timings, your triggers, your likes and dislikes and tailor a plan just for you to teach you to understand how different foods types respond in your body and show you what to eat and drink, when best to eat and drink for you and to make healthy choices to deliver real results.

What we look to achieve for you goes so much further than weight loss and toning up. It’s about delivering the results that you’ve asked for but also helping you to define a new lifestyle based on the enjoyment of great food with regular exercise and a better balance overall.

Our aim is that at the end of your programme you will absolutely adore your results, have built great new habits and be super proud of yourself!

The Method

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Our results based programme coach, motivate and support you ensuring the best physical and behavioural changes in the most time efficient way. CoreNutrition’s method fully integrates intelligent exercise and nutrition with mindset and lifestyle changes resulting in permanent shifts in habits to complement your incredible results!

See our plans...

The Transformation Plan

10 weeks

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This plan is for anyone who wants to achieve a specific goal and/or make a lifestyle change i.e. weight loss/health issue/weight gain/menopause etc.

  • Firstly you would complete a 2 week food diary detailing what and when you currently eat.
  • 1:1 Lifestyle Analysis Consultation.
  • You will receive a tailored plan prepared just for you to suit your needs with specific recipes chosen and nutritionally calculated for you so not a calorie in sight! You will also receive a detailed list of foods for you to make up your own meals and snacks along with suggested weekly meal plan. An exercise plan will also be included.
  • 1:1 consultation will take place at 5 weeks to evaluate progress and make adjustments as necessary.
  • A last 1:1 consultation on completion will look at maintenance for long term lifestyle commitment.
  • Email/text/phone call support throughout the 10 week plan to answer questions, provide encouragement and motivation. 

The Transformation Plan costs £175.

If you would like to add a block of 10 CoreSculptUK classes this package is £265.

Tailored plans also available for sporting events/ante and post natal.

Review & Rejuvenate Plan

4 weeks


Do you have a couple of kilos you just can’t shift? Are you stuck in a rut with what you eat? Do you lack energy? This plan is for you!

Designed for people who want to learn and apply positive changes to improve diet, health, sleep, energy etc.

  • Firstly you would complete a 2 week food diary detailing what and when you currently eat.
  • 1:1 Lifestyle Analysis Consultation.
  • A tailored mini plan will be prepared for you with nutrition tips and information, changes and food swops, exercise plan, recommendations what to eat when and menu plan.
  • Follow up Consultation at 4 weeks.
  • Email/text/phone call support throughout the 4 week plan.

The Review & Rejuvenate Plan costs £80.


If you have any questions about CoreNutritionUK, the easiest way to contact us is through our Facebook page, click below...


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